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See Why A New Home Makes More Sense!

See Why Smart People Are Going New!
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See the Bryant Builder's Homes Difference!
Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery !
Be sure to see our Available Homes !

Benefits Of A New Home

new home benefits

It's the Perfect Time to Buy a New Home

The Real Benefits of Buying a New Bryant Builder's Home:

Just For You. When you buy new, it’s a chance to live in a home that no one but you has lived in before. Say adios to big, brown water stains on the ceilings, and shag carpeting that smells like potpourri and boiled hotdogs. Your new high-performance Bryant Builder's home will be hand-crafted with latest processes and technological advances using quality materials and equipped with the newest features from brands you can trust – backed by our limited warranty. A home built for the way you live today, not one based on someone else’s lifestyle. Create a home just for you. A home that feels a little more like, well, home.

Modern Living. Open floor plans that contain the latest architectural benefits designed to make the most of space - increasing comfort, storage, and livability. Walk-in closets, linen closets, roomy pantries, and clever shelving systems will keep you organized. State-of-the-art kitchens, media centers, and bathroom retreats will provide ease and convenience. All complete with newest products and updated décor personalized by you from our on-site Design Studio.

Wired For Your Life. Valuable technology included in each new Bryant Builder's home. Hardwiring provides faster gaming, safer Internet and more flexibility for future equipment. Plus, routers and modems can be stored out of sight in the basement with the Structured Wiring Panel, but not out of mind. This Panel is prepared for the future expansion—and keeps your kitchen clutter-free. Just think of all the gaming hours you gain by not spending precious time learning to upgrade wiring in an older home on DIY shows.

Energy Efficient. Each Bryant Builder's home is an ENERGY STAR® and Green Built Home™. So while you’re helping the environment, you’ll also be saving immensely on your utility bills each year. Some new home owners are saving over $100 in utility bills alone. only 4% of the used homes sold today can claim the same. Modern heating and cooling systems are nearly twice as efficient as those made prior to 1980, keeping your home comfortable and draft-free. Not to mention improved technology, insulation techniques and tighter construction.

Low Maintenance. Innovative new exterior materials used in siding, windows and trim never require painting, and will stand up to Extreme weather with minimal upkeep. And improvements in interior materials provide higher quality at a lower cost than materials used just a decade ago. Plus, drier basements can be used effectively as living or storage space, thanks to new waterproofing technologies and better drainage systems.

Safer. Recent advances in stronger construction, such as extra bracing and framing, provide new homes with increased protection against severe weather and better indoor air quality. In addition, safety improvements like carbon monoxide and smoke detection systems, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters make occupants of new homes far safer than occupants of older homes.

Good Investment. Your new home offers greater appreciation in your investment than you’d see with an older home.

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